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In addition to the celebrated ginger, cinnamon-flavored teas, and Ceylon Masala Chai, Sri Lankan tea manufacturers produce a range of innovative spiced tea flavors that combine the flavor of Ceylon Spices and Ceylon Tea in a single sip of tea. Among them are the clove-flavored black tea, cardamom flavored black tea, black tea with turmeric, and combined spice flavors. 


A combination of Sri Lanka’s leading spice with the country’s favorite tea, cinnamon-flavored black tea is a mixture of Ceylon Cinnamon with Ceylon Black Tea. Flavored using Ceylon Cinnamon essential oil or Ceylon Cinnamon powder, cinnamon-flavored black tea combined the health benefits of Ceylon Black Tea and Ceylon Cinnamon. 


A mixed spice tea that claims its origin to the Indian Subcontinent, Masala Chai or mixed spiced tea includes the combination of aromatic spices and herbs with Ceylon Black Tea. While its Indian counterpart includes a spice mixture known as Karha, Ceylon Spice Chai combines Ceylon Tea with much celebrated Sri Lankan Spices including Ceylon Cinnamon, ginger, Ceylon Clove, and Ceylon Pepper.


One of the all-time favorite black teas locally and globally ginger-flavored black tea combines two of Asia’s most popular flavors; black tea and ginger. Aromatically pungent and flavorful with the heat of spice, ginger black tea is one of the refreshing versions of the world’s favorite beverage and provides the combined benefits of ginger and Ceylon Black Tea.

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