Organic Coconut Vinegar

Organic Coconut Vinegar

Ceylon Lover coconut vinegar is made from 2 distinct biological processes, both of which are the results of the microorganisms that turn carbohydrates into acetic acid. This is produced by using coconut water but is low in acidity than other vinegar products. Coconut vinegar has a powerful but gentle way to balance the pH in your skin and your hair. It can help lower blood sugar and tastes sweeter and milder than apple cider vinegar. It is the best substitute for anything that calls for vinegar.  

What is better: Coconut Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar?

Coconut vinegar and apple cider vinegar contain the same levels of acetic acid in them that can help lower blood sugar in your body. The main difference is that coconut vinegar tastes sweeter and milder than apple cider vinegar making it preferable to anyone who doesn’t like too much acidity. It is far better than apple cider vinegar to be applied as a toner for your skin and as a hair rinse to revitalize your hair. 

Average Quantity
Servings per container: 04 Serving Size
Total Fat
Saturated Fatty Acid

Packing Information

Packing Size Pcs per box Total Pcs per Pallet

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20ft container





Glass Bottle

250g 12 1500


Certifications available

GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC (Grade – AA), IFS (Score – 92.74%), Organic (EU, NOP-USDA, JAS, Naturland), Halal, Kosher, BSCI, Fairtrade, Fair TSA.

Important Information

An unopened bottle of coconut vinegar has a maximum of 24 months of shelf life. Once opened, keep the bottle shut and the shelf life is 12 months if stored in a hygienic environment.  

Storage: Ceylon Lover’s coconut vinegar is made of 100%natural ingredients without using any preservatives. As a fermented product, it is self-preserving and does not require to be kept in a refrigerator condition.  

Usages: Coconut vinegar can be used as apple cider vinegar and can be added to your marinades, salad dressings, and sauces, as a detox drink with water, ideal for Asian dishes. It is as well a hair rinse and also a skin toner.  

I Love Coco coconut vinegar is made from organic coconut water and sugar. It is free from preservatives, additives and extraneous matter. The below mentioned are the chemical and physical standards of the product’s nutrition values per 100g.

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