Organic Aseptic Coconut Water

Organic Aseptic Coconut Water

As Sri Lanka’s pioneering Organic coconut products manufacturer and wholesaler, Econutrena supply Organic Aseptic coconut water in bulk worldwide. Coconut water is also known as green coconut water as the coconut water is taken from immature coconuts which are green in colour.

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside immature coconuts. As the coconut matures, the water is replaced by coconut meat. Coconut water is sometimes referred to as green coconut water because the immature coconuts are green in color.

Coconut water is different than coconut milk. Coconut milk is produced from an emulsion of the grated meat of a mature coconut.

Coconut water is commonly used as a beverage and as a solution for treating dehydration related to diarrhoea or exercise. It is also tried for high blood pressure and to improve exercise performance.

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy    19 kcalTotal
fat   0.2 g
Cholesterol  0 g
Protein     0.72 g 
Total Carbohydrates    3.71 g
Dietary Fiber   1.1 g
Sodium  105 mg
Potassium   250 mg

Packing Information

20L – 1*20L
200L – 1*200L
1000L – 1*1000L

Primary packaging: Metalized Polyester Laminated Aseptic bag Secondary packaging: 20 L: – 5 Ply corrugated craft paper carton 200 L:- Metal drum

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