Organic Aseptic coconut cream

Organic Aseptic coconut cream

Coconut cream is a white, milky substance extracted from the flesh of mature coconuts. It can benefit health in several ways, such as by stimulating weight loss and lowering cholesterol. As a result, coconut milk has gained popularity in the healthcare community and as alternative dairy milk.

Organoleptic properties
Natural White, Creamy, free from discolorations and extraneous matter.
Typical and characteristic to fresh coconut, free from odors foreign to coconut.
Typical and characteristic to fresh coconut flavor, creamy, sweetish.
Liquid, more creamy.
Organic Coconut milk 65%, and water (Ingredient percentage will vary according to the buyer requirement)

Nutritional Values per 100g

Energy172 kcal
Total fat24 g
Saturated fatty acids15.4 g
Trans FatNot Detected
Protein1.23 g
Total Carbohydrates3.6 g
Sugar1.46 g
Dietary Fiber1.4 g
Sodium27 mg

Packing Information

Filing VolumePack size
20L1 * 20L
200L1 * 200L
1000L1 * 1000L
3000 ml ± 2%6 x 3000 ml

Primary packaging
Metalized Polyester Laminated Aseptic bag
Secondary packaging
2 L & 20 L: – 5 Ply corrugated craft paper carton
200 L:- Metal drum
1000 L:- High resistance cardboard boxes

Certifications available

GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC (Grade – AA), IFS (Score – 92.74%), Organic (EU, NOP-USDA, JAS, Naturland), Halal, Kosher, BSCI, Fairtrade, Fair TSA.

Important Information

Shelf life
Maximum 12 months (if store under ambient temperature)
Cool, clean and dry place at ambient temperature in unopened packaging, once opened store in refrigerate and use within 3 days
Intended use
Cooking, desserts, etc.

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