By expelling dried organic white kernel and filtered. Infused Virgin coconut oil is the finest and purest grade of coconut oil available. It has hundreds of medicinal benefits plus it is used in many of food and cosmetic preparations. It is made from fresh mature coconut naturally, without the use of additives and chemical processing after extraction.


Healthy and delicious infused virgin coconut oil is one of the most useful food/ingredient you can use coconut oil in your day today life.Infused Virgin coconut oil is known for its pleasant fragrance and taste, as well as the nutrient content.

It can be used in cooking, deep frying process, salads, cosmetic, etc.

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  1. Virgin coconut oil with black paper.
  2. Virgin coconut oil with chilli.
  3. Virgin coconut oil with turmeric.
  4. Virgin coconut oil with cinnamon.
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