Bulk Coconut Cream

Bulk Coconut Cream

Coconut cream is the absolute alternative for high fat dairy creams and is popular among the vegans in their diet plans and recipes. Econutrena produce aseptically packed sweet coconut cream out of UTC processed organic coconut kernel and supply in bulk around the world.

Organic coconut cream 22% is made from organic coconut nuts. First the coconut milk is extracted then adjust the fat content by adding water.Then the homogenized milk is filled,seamed and commercially sterilized by retorting.

During the process various parameters are checked in order to maintain the quality and taste. As this is a creamy product you can taste the real coconut favour.

The main different between coconut milk and coconut cream is in the concentration and consistency. The two ingredients impact differently in cooking and baking. It has all the amazing nutritional benefits good for your health. Organic coconut milk and cream in one pack which is liquid yet creamier than general coconut milk.

Consumer packaging Filing Volume Pack size
200 ml ± 2% 12 x 200 ml
270 ml ± 2% 12 x 270 ml
400 ml ± 2% 6 or 12 x 400 ml
3000 ml ± 2% 6 x 3000 ml

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy 223 kcal
Total fat 22 g
Saturated fatty acids 19.91 g
Trans Fat Not Detected
Protein 1.58 g
Total Carbohydrates 4.65 g
Sugar 1.88 g
Sodium 34.87mg
Dietary Fiber 1.80 g
(Values may vary naturally)

Packing Information

Primary packaging: Tinplate can with BPA NI inner lacquering
Secondary packaging: Corrugated Carton/Tray

Secondary packaging:

2 L & 20 L: – 5 Ply corrugated craft paper carton                     

200 L:- Metal drum         
1000 L:- High resistance cardboard boxes


Product Images

20l Bag In Box

1000L Tote


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