Pineapple Frozen Bulk

View Product Details Organic Coconut Milk- 6 % Fat Nutritional values per 100g Carbohydrate – 11.84 gProtein – 1.66 gEn/Kcal – 57.76Sugar – 11.55 gSodium – 0.05 gLipid – 0.39 gSaturated fat – < 0.01   Product Images Frozen Pineapple Puree 200L drum Frozen Pineapple Juice 200L drum

Cinnamon bulk

View Product Details Available Varieties Whole Powder Crushed form Cinnamon varieties ⨀ Hamburg H1⨀ Hamburg H2⨀ Hamburg H2 (Special)⨀ Mexican M4⨀ Mexican M5⨀ Mexican M5 (Special)⨀ Continental C3⨀ Continental C4⨀ Continental C5 (Special)⨀ Continental C5 (Extra Special)⨀ ALBA⨀ Chips⨀ Grinded cinnamon⨀ Bale⨀ Cut Quills Cinnamon Types Hamburg H1 Hamburg H2 Hamburg H2 (Special) Mexican M4 …

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Moringa Powder Bulk

View Product Details Product Images Moringa Powder In Bag Moringa Powder In Box

Black Pepper Bulk

View Product Details Product Images Black Pepper Whole Bag black pepper crushed Box black pepper whole Box black pepper powder Box black pepper whole Bag black pepper powder Bag

King Coconut water bulk

View Product Details “Thambili” bright orange colour fruit which is indigenous to Sri Lanka with the unique flavour more closer to coconut water and with no additives and preservatives are processed using the latest UHT technology under stringent quality assurance system and aseptically packed to preserve freshness and natural unique taste. Not from concentrate, no …

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Coconut water Bulk

View Product Details As Sri Lanka’s pioneering Organic coconut products manufacturer and wholesaler, Econutrena supply Organic Aseptic coconut water in bulk worldwide. Coconut water is also known as green coconut water as the coconut water is taken from immature coconuts which are green in colour. Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside immature coconuts. …

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Desiccated Coconut Bulk

View Product Details Organic & Fair trade coconut chips Fresh organic white coconut kernel is washed, shredded, slowly dehydrated and graded Organic Desiccated Coconut Our Organic Desiccated Coconut is made by drying and shredding carefully selected premium grade Ceylon pure coconut flesh which retains the oil and protein of the coconut. It is known for …

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Coconut Vinegar Bulk

View Product Details Coconut vinegar is a unique alternative to other types of vinegar. It has a milder taste, appears to be nutritious and may offer several health benefits. These range from weight loss and a lower risk of diabetes to a healthier digestion, immune system and heart. Coconut water vinegar is made by 2 …

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Coconut Treacle Bulk

View Product Details Coconut syrup is made from tapping the sweet nectar of coconut flower, in the similar way maple syrup is produced. These are then evaporated according to the certified organic standards and placed under controlled evaporation till it I reaches the consistency of syrup. It is vegan, and has a lower GI (35) …

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Bulk Coconut Aminos

View Product Details Dark, rich, salty and slightly sweet coconut aminos is made using coconut water, garlic, blended with sea salt, and naturally aged. The addition of garlic will make dis product a favorite with garlic lovers. Being a healthy substitute for soy sauce it is gluten free and soy free. It is packed with …

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