in Sri Lanka Spices Being located within the tropics near the equator, Sri Lanka has the ideal climate for agriculture throughout the year. This is why this fertile island is famous for its varied range of natural and high-quality spices that are predominant ingredients in cuisine worldwide.

Sri Lanka, earlier known as Ceylon, is also known as ‘Spice Island’.

Ceylon Lovers products manufacturer & wholesaler We are Sri Lanka’s No.01 exporter of premium, true Ceylon spices, dried fruits and coconut products. Ceylon Lovers is a company that has earned the trust of the global consumer base through its continued distribution of high quality organic coconut products and spices. We are proud to say that we are the number one exporter of high quality spices, dried fruits and coconuts products in Sri Lanka.

As a leading wholesaler of Ceylon spices, Ceylon Lovers manufactures and sells wholesale spice, dried fruits and high quality coconut products in Sri Lanka.
All the spices and dried fruits we produce are fresh and nutritious with the latest technologies. It also produces spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg and vanilla, and dehydrated fruits such as banana, jackfruits, pineapples and mangoes.

Engaging in the spice business for years and being true to our ancient history of Ceylon spices, we continue to provide the best Sri Lankan spices, herbs, Organic coconut and dehydrated fruits to the world. Our products are of high quality so you can use them without any doubt. The most important is that, you can order our products online and we will deliver your orders at your doorstep, wherever you are.
Sri Lanka’s No. 01 Spice, Coconut and Dried Fruits Supplier and Distributor Our Products

Slide We mainly export Ceylon spices & Sri Lankan herbs, organic coconut products and dehydrated fruits.
By providing the best and the highest quality products to the market in bulk, we ensure that they promote an abundance of health benefits as we are committed to sustaining healthy lifestyles.

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History of Ceylon Spices

In the distant past, European explorers discovered new sea routes and entered the Asian region along these routes. They came for a variety of purposes. One of the main objectives was to expand their trade among the countries of the world.

The spices monopoly was later established by the Europeans as a result of a trade dispute between the Arabs and the Europeans. Meanwhile, the Portuguese, Dutch and English colonized Sri Lanka at different times due to the huge market demand for Sri Lankan spices in the world.

During this time Sri Lanka came to be known as “Ceylon” and by various names. Sri Lanka is known worldwide for its rare and high quality spices and herbs, and history testifies that it traded with the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and many other nations.

It will be clear to you that Sri Lankan spices have been the focus of attention in the word since time immemorial and are of high quality and high quality spices.

As Ceylon Lovers, we introduce you to a wide range of Sri Lankan spices that have been recognized around the world since ancient times, as well as a wide ranges of dehydrated fruits and coconut products.

Our Certifications

For Values That Matter

Guaranteeing that you get the finest Ceylon spices, herbs, organic coconut products and dehydrated fruits processed under the highest hygienic environment, Ceylon Lovers is certified with a number of quality assurances and certifications that proves our standards from sourcing to distribution and exportation.

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